Sheaf Bank Business Park

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Sheaf Bank is a vibrant business park with a history steeped in Sheffield’s industrial past. They are now home to a wonderfully eclectic mix of businesses. From guitar makers to fabricators, from Crossfit to archaeology. Sheaf Bank reflects the best of Sheffield’s past, whilst focusing on developing its future. We work flexibly with tenants so we can be successful together.

Porter Fire are honoured to have worked with Sheaf Bank Business Park since 2013. As the site developed and their tenant base evolves, we have worked with them to ensure they receive a great fire protection offering giving value for money.

Our approach and solution

The total fire solution offering starts with the fire risk assessment and future action plans. No company has an open-ended budget so Porter Fire get to understand their future vision and how they can achieve maximum risk reduction with the available funding.

Prevention of a fire is the goal so practical solutions of how to separate sources of ignition from combustible items is one of the outcomes of the fire risk assessment that Sheaf Bank share with their tenants. Porter Fire’s bespoke fire warden training focused on the understanding of fire triangle so fire wardens understand the part they play in keeping their site safe from fire.

Should a fire occur reliable early detection and alarm is of paramount importance. Porter Fire have worked with Sheaf Bank to prioritise how the fire alarm would be developed and the provision required to match the risk introduced by the different tenant activities. Particular focus is put on reduction of unwanted alarms.

“Our partnership with Porter Fire gives us peace of mind, enabling us to meet the challenge of ensuring we provide a safe place for tenants and visitors.”

Josie Bennett Managing Director

If the unthinkable does happen, if a fire occurs and then is detected then the next piece of the fire strategy is to contain the fire to allow evacuation. Porter Fire provide repair and consultancy services to Sheaf Bank on the provision of compliant fire doors to aid compartmentation and keep fire escape routes clear. If a fire is detected in its early stage’s porter Fire have ensured the fire wardens know which fire extinguishers are appropriate for the risk and that they are serviced and available to use.

A clear and practiced escape plan must be in place to ensure that in the event of a fire everyone on site knows the part they play ensuring everyone is safe. Porter fire have worked with Sheaf Bank to ensure the correct instructional and directional signage is in place from the tenants work area all the way to the fire assembly point. We maintain the emergency lighting systems using the latest technology LED lighting to ensure everyone is safe to travel the escape routes at all times. Porter Fire work with Sheaf Bank to ensure the fire evacuation drills work to the plan and any lessons learned can be used to develop the plans.

Case Studies