Fire stopping

Porter Fire provide a fully FIRAS accredited fire stopping service including initial installations, inspections and any required remedial works. Not sure whether you’re building is safe? Let us put your mind at ease.

Fire Stopping is the act of sealing any openings within building structures that could allow the spread of fire, smoke or heat. This can be a particular issue where services pass through walls and other building structures.

Penetration seals are an essential component to provide compartmentation to prevent the spread of fire throughout a building. As such, Penetration systems are a primary requirement of the fire safety design in all buildings.

Porter fire use NVQ qualified fire stopping operatives and use British product Protecta to ensure a seamless fire stopping specification.

This image shows different examples of how services passing through walls and other and other building structures can be sealed to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and heat.

Compartmentation surveys can be carried out at your site to assure you of the fire resistance of your current compartmentation. The complete survey will be submitted to our customers on one trace software to enable compliance.

Onetrace – Fire stopping survey

Here is an example of a typical Onetrace fire stopping survey report. It gives a highly detailed report showing:

  • Material Usage – Understand what materials are being used based on material type, quantity, cost and dimension.
  • Photographic Evidence – Quickly capture evidence of work directly through the mobile app.
  • Approvals – Prove accountability by creating a transparent quality assurance process.
Onetrace Fire Stopping survey systems. One trace - Survey, Material usage, approvals.